Norfolk Badger Trust
Protecting Badgers throughout the county

Welcome to the Norfolk Badger Trust

Here, you can find information about badgers, their behaviour and ecology and illegal persecution, as well as what we do at Norfolk Badger Trust and how you can get involved.

At Norfolk Badger Trust, we are passionate about helping people to watch and enjoy their local badgers, and one of our key aims is to spread awareness of this unique mammal by educating the public and inspiring the next generation.

We know that badgers, however charming and integral to our countryside, can cause people problems when they decide to make their home in the wrong place. We are dedicated to helping people in these situations and have been involved with badger ecology and mitigation across Norfolk.

Have a flick through our gallery, read about some of the things we've been up to in our regular Newsletter and see how you can get involved with Norfolk's badgers. If you have any photos of your local badgers or amusing anecdotes of these characterful creatures, we'd love to hear from you!

Registered charity number 1180066

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