About Us

Our Objectives
The Norfolk Badger Trust (NBT) was officially launched in April 2015 and is fully affiliated to the UK Badger Trust.
Our aims are primarily to protect Norfolk’s badgers from illegal persecution whilst educating the Public about the badger’s amazing ecology, promoting their protection and studying the badgers to understand more about the Norfolk populations.


We find our self regularly asked, “Do Norfolk’s badgers need protecting?” The unfortunate answer is: “Yes.” Despite having lots of suitable habitat with good food sources and foraging areas, the population levels of badgers in Norfolk are very low, especially when compared to other counties across the UK. Either by direct persecution or indirectly through development and habitat loss, large areas of Norfolk are sadly still without badgers.

Environmental Benefits
Unfortunately the large ecosystem benefits that badgers trigger are still poorly understood and often go ignored in the media. What scientists have discovered is that badgers generally diversify their habitat. For example; the seeds from the fruit badgers eat pass freely through the animal to germinate widely throughout woodlands when deposited in dung pits. Species such as bird cherry, bramble and elder are more common and widespread where badgers are present. Such shrub species provide nectar and in the autumn fruit for countless other species. Another example is foxgloves flourishing where badgers have disturbed the soil. Exposed soil is soon colonised by pioneer plants like the foxglove, much loved by the bees.

Badger information, particularly sett locations, is very sensitive information. In the wrong hands it could lead to future interference and persecution. If anyone is interested in joining the NBT or participating in badger watching, surveying and sett monitoring, please contact us. Any information or sightings of badgers, setts or road kills, again please contact us. All information is kept confidential and could well save badgers lives. Or find us on Facebook - Norfolk Badger Trust. We have a committee consisting of a Chairman (Will Fitch), Secretary (Mary Goddard) and Treasurer (Dave Whiteley). We hold regular meetings to discuss all aspects of our activities. All paid members are welcome to attend the meetings. Our events can be found on the website where everyone is welcome

Badger Watching
With an active group we can make a big difference to Norfolk’s Badgers. They need our help. First, as with many things in life, people need to fall in love with the subject to want to protect it. One evening of badger watching could well cause this to happen…..
Will Fitch - Chairman