It is ILLEGAL in the UK to capture, harm or kill a badger or interfere with a badger sett in any way. However, wildlife crimes involving badgers do take place in Norfolk, including horrific practices such as:

  • Digging out setts
  • Baiting with dogs
  • Illegal snaring
  • Poisoning

If you encounter a possibility of any of the above please call 999 immediately.
If you suspect a crime has happened in the recent past please report it to the police by calling 101.

You may encounter a dead badger by the road side, usually hit by a vehicle. Please report this to us by calling 07545 399093 or sending an email to us with location details. Occasionally, badgers are dumped on the road to disguise evidence of illegal persecution

We endeavour to visit every incident in order to:

  • Check for signs of illegal persecution.
  • Assess whether orphan cubs need rescuing
  • Add to our knowledge of badger distribution.

If you encounter any snaring issues (not just with badgers) please record the details on the SnareWatch website.

You help will be greatly appreciated.