Badger Act 1992

The most recent Badger Act outlining the badger’s protective status within the UK as well as legislation around the protection of their setts. Offences, licencing, exceptions and penalties are listed in this document.

Badgers in garden advice

A comprehensive guide on a range of effective and legal methods to apply in the domestic garden to deter badgers.

Badgers and Development

A Natural England guide to best practice and development.

Forestry Operation Guidelines

Guidelines into best practice methods for tree felling and forestry operations around badger setts.These guidelines ensures the forester is working within the law (Badger Act 1992) preventing potential harm to badgers and their setts.

Sett Record Form

The Norfolk Badger Trust regularly surveys badger setts to provide up-to-date records and information on the health and state of each sett. Such information is vital should a sett be illegally interfered with. These records also provide data in the face of potential developments such as new houses and roads, safeguarding the badgers by ensuring the correct procedures are followed. If you know of any setts near you have a go at filling in the form – even just a rough local is useful information. You can email sett information to us via the email (see contacts page).

Road Accident Form

Sadly, badgers often get hit by cars on the road. Location details of any dead badgers often highlights problem roads that cut through badger territories. With this data we can push for better wildlife mitigation along our roads such as under passes. Road kill badgers may also represent local disturbances to nearby setts. We check as many reported road kill badgers as possible to determine cause of death. Often in the spring if a lactating female gets hit then cubs in the area may need our help. Please report any sightings of dead badgers to us via the accident form and email.

Badger Road Tunnel Guidelines

These guidelines illustrate some of the road mitigation methods we are pushing for to better protect badgers crossing our roads. Tunnels have been proven to be reasonably successful when installed correctly in other parts of the UK, saving many badgers lives.

Mammal Road Tunnel Evaluation

Further guidelines and evaluation on the success and effectiveness of road tunnels for badgers and other mammals.


Norfolk Badger Trust Constitution

Badger Trust Leaflets

Badgers and Wildlife Crime.
Information about the Badger Trust.
Badgers in the Garden.
Badger Ecology.
Give Badgers a Brake.
Information about The Cull.

Badger Rehabilitation Protocol

DEFRA & Secret World Comprehensive guide to the rehabilitation of injured badgers.

For more information or advice on any of the above please contact us.