Road Signs

We currently have an ongoing campaign to install several ‘Badger’ road signs along roads where there are road kill black spots.
These include the following:

  • B1110 between Swanton Novers and Guist
  • B1067 between Bintree and Sparham

We have attended a number of Parish Council meetings and have received positive responses from all so far.

It is required that the local parish councils support proposals for road signs before asking Norfolk County Council to consider any application.

It should be noted that ‘Badger Slow Down’ road signs do not only help prevent badger road casualties but  also help with road safety in general, by reducing swerving and breaking to avoid all wildlife hazards.

You can support this campaign by donating at our crowd funding initiative here.

Many thanks.

A47 Duelling

As many of you may know, there is a project already underway to duel another section of the A47 near Easton.

We have met with Easton Parish Council to discus proposals not only for badger road signs but also to investigate the possibility of wildlife underpasses.

Easton have been very supportive of all such proposals and have provided important contact information for Highways England and contractors.

We are keeping up the pressure to ensure the best possible solution for people, badgers and other wildlife.

Watch this space for further updates.

Wind Farm electricity cable.

Again as you are probably aware, multi billion pound projects are underway or proposed for the construction of two off shore wind farms.

These are  generally a welcome developments. However, the electricity generated from the wind turbines are being fed to a sub-stations many miles inland. Unfortunately, these underground cables pass through or near by many badger setts.

We have written to ensure that there is no detrimental effect on any badger setts or habitat as a result.

You can view the Norfolk Vanguard letter here.

Please support all our efforts by donating anything you can.

Many thanks.