The Cull

Bovine TB is a highly infectious respiratory disease most commonly found in cattle, hence the name.
The main cause of the spread of bTB in British herds is cattle-to-cattle transmission, not badger-to-cattle.

THERE IS NO QUICK CURE and killing badgers will NOT solve the current epidemic in cattle as stated by the our top independent disease scientists.
The remedy they recommend lies in rigorous, long-term cattle based disease prevention measures.

DISEASE TESTING is subjective and only 80% reliable with obvious consequences for re-infection ie by muck spreading on pastures and cattle movements.

BIOSECURITY is currently an optional measure for farmers. Farmers who fail to to implement adequate measures are still compensated when their cattle are slaughtered due to bTB.

bTB is spread by infected droplets which thrive in poorly ventilated, overcrowded  confined spaces such as cattle sheds. Cattle and badgers rarely come into close contact with each other.


  • Support the unreliable skin test with additional detection techniques.
  • Link farmer compensation payments to standards of disease control.
  • Display bTB status of cattle at markets.
  • Give new biosecurity controls time to bite.
  • Speed up cattle vaccination research

Dominic Dyer Cull Update Read the latest assessment of the 2017 Cull here.

The Cull is a politically motivated policy and so we are asking sympathetic visitors to email The Secretary of State for the Environment - Michael Gove to encourage him to reverse this pointless, expensive, inhuman policy.

This may well prove to be a prime time to exert some pressure on the recently appointed Environment Minister. Please email Michael Gove here.